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The present disclosure relates to the use of cookies site


Cookies are text files, with reduced dimensions, which visited the site server sends user’s hard drive.
These files are stored, permanently or temporarily, to be relayed to the next visit of the site by the user.
This allows the website to recognize users and store certain information about them, in order to improve or allow the use of the service offered. There are several types of cookies: a few are needed for the user’s navigation on the site, other guarantee internal security, administer the system, and perform analysis for statistical purposes.

Some, however, need to understand the sections of the site to which the user is most interested in, or to offer a personalized visit of the site.

The site uses cookies and technical profiling. As mentioned earlier it refers to both the user’s computer at any other device that you can use to connect to the site.

The cookies our site uses are used to: store your preferences inserted; not request information already supplied earlier in the visit (eg. username and password); facilitate navigation and increase the efficiency of the site; ensure the proper functioning of certain areas of the site; save the user profile, so as to monitor the area of ​​the site visited most frequently and which sector falls within its area of ​​interest.

Closing the site banner, scrolling the page, or by clicking any of its element, you consent to the cookies.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but the user can also change the settings to disable that feature. You can also block all types of cookie, or permit only get a few and disable others.
The sections “Options” or “Preferences”, present in the browser menu, allow you to not receive cookies and other user tracking technologies and also allow you to get a notification from the browser activation of these technologies.
Alternatively, you can also refer to “Help” of the toolbar present in most browsers.
Alternatively you can also select from the following list, your browser and follow the instructions.