Masseria Portiere Stella

Rural Tourism

The Farm is located in the heart of the Catania plain, built at the end of the 19th century by the Barons Nicosia, initially dedicated to the production of must grapes, later transformed into citrus groves, specialized in the cultivation of the Arancia di Sicilia. The buildings are, renovated with great care and passion by Eva La Malfa, develop around a courtyard, an ideal place for outdoor events it is articulated: “Palmento” transformed into a spectacular dining room for 150 covers. “Masseria” (typical construction of the Sicilian countryside, where the farmer or sharecropper lived) composed of a welcoming lounge with adjoining bar, as well as a first floor used as a manor house. “Farm houses” have created comfortable rooms with services, soberly furnished, with poor art furniture and wrought iron beds. The farmhouse has a swimming pool located in the garden adjacent to the farm and it offers our visitors moments of relaxation and recreation. Enjoying the surrounding nature, in the warm and welcoming Sicilian sun. The swimming pool is equipped for both adults and children.